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Energy Sessions

What does a session look like?

Session work can be done either in person (office is located inside Lotus Integrative Medicine at 2222 Santa Monica Blvd #105, Santa Monica, CA 90404) or via video conference. A consent form and intake will be sent before the session is to be completed. The initial session will include an intake as well as a treatment session and will last approximately one hour. All following sessions will be approximately 45 minutes. 

Session are done with the client lying or sitting in a comfortable position. Jody will connect with your subconscious mind and ask what needs to be balanced and proceed to do the balancing off of the body, by moving her hands over the body. There is no physical contact during the session. On occasion the client will be asked to participate and hold their hands over a certain area or to focus on a certain thought. Although there is no physical contact made, the sessions themselves are incredibly relaxing. Most clients leave the sessions feeling relaxed, calm and centered.

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