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About Shining Light Institute

Shining Light Institute was founded in 2021 by Jody Kagan. After many years of training and practice in various techniques, Jody felt compelled to open the Shining Light Institute with a focus on energy healing to help bring about healing on a deeper level for all. Jody is highly intuitive, insightful, empathic and nurturing at her soul and her work is done from a profound place of love, and healing.

Jody has a masters in counseling psychology and has trained in various modalities over the years including reflexology, hypnotherapy, therapeutic touch, neuro-linguistic programming, emotion/body code and accunect. Jody is continually learning and bringing new insights and wisdom to her practice. It is this richness in various techniques that make Jody the unique healer she is, always bringing her warmth and light to every client and situation.

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